Intro to C# II

Intro to C# I

Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL)

All compilers which create code for .NET platform doesn’t create code for x86 CPUs nor other concrete CPU, but generates a code written in the intermediate language known as Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL). The CLR gives to the apps the sensation of being executed over a virtual machine, and MSIL is the language of this virtual machine. It means that MSIL is the unique code which can be interpreted by the CLR, and therefore saying that a compiler generates code for .NET platform is the same than saying that it’s generating MSIL.
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Proyecto Simio – Table of contents

At the present time we’re translating this site into english, therefore, at the moment most of the posts will appear in spanish.

To make easier to see the content of this blog, in this post you’ll find an ordered table of contents with all publications made.

Actually we’re including Android programming tutorials. In the future we’ll try to add posts about Windows Phone, Java and C#, and also about databases as MySQL, SQLite and MongoDB.

We hope this table of contents makes easier to see what has been posted in the blog in the past.

Table of contents

Programming principles:

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